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Did you ever wonder what happened to the kid that won all the art contests in school?

Scott Kempler used to win all the art contests in grade school. In his early teens he won a contest to draw the holiday card for a local doctor’s office, and received a $50 prize (which was quickly spent on video games). That was when he realized that he could use his artistic talent to help businesses sell themselves. Since then he has never looked back!

Whether it has been for a big-brand design agency or in-house for corporations, he has proven over the past 20+ years that he can generate awareness and increase profits for businesses in a wide range of industries.

In 2010, Kempler Creative Services was launched with a mission to help businesses of all sizes exceed their goals. Scott and his diverse team work around the clock, from around the globe, to design and develop your projects in the most efficient, cost-effective way and we pass the savings on to our clients. We provide big-brand quality graphic design and development for small to mid-sized budgets.

We increase the perceived value and sales for products and services with our powerful combination of web development, branding and marketing that is designed for your success.

What Sets Us Apart?

Extensive Expertise

From notes on a napkin to national distribution, for digital or print, over the past 20 years we have done it all and we know what we’re doing. That means you will get your work on time, on budget, and drama free.

Focused On Increasing Sales

We have never submitted a design for an award, our goal is to increase your brand’s sales. That’s it. We have actually doubled the sales of a product, in one year, with the power of our branding. That’s our reward.

We Add Value

Whether for manufactured or digital products, or services, we can add perceived value to your offerings. Many clients have graciously listed us on their patents, in appreciation for our contributions to their success.

We’ve Got Your Back

Our goal is to become almost like an extension of your staff. With that in mind, we offer fast and flexible service, we’re budget-friendly, and we can handle sales support requests directly so your e-mail box stays clear!

Don’t believe it?

Their expertise on creating a new brand, logo and product packaging is fabulous! They surpassed our expectations and are great to work with.

Angelica Cox – C3 Products International

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