Ever wonder how your competitor is getting their web traffic?

Use our free SEO Analysis to learn what is working for them, and then start doing that too, to steal their traffic.

(insert evil laugh here)

How Does It Work?


When people need your product or service they usually search for it online. Our keyword research will show you the keywords and phrases that people are really using, that lead them to your site or to your competitor’s site.

By integrating the most commonly used keywords into your own web content you will gradually improve your SEO results and more of those people will find your website.


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What is in our Free SEO Analysis?


Include your competitors websites and see what’s working best for them




• Your monthly traffic vs your competitor

• Your approx traffic value vs theirs

• Your top 5 Organic & PPC keywords and theirs

• Your current best ranking content and theirs

• Your backlink score vs theirs




This information can be incorporated into all of your business marketing to generate better results.

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    Who am I?


    My name is Scott Kempler. Over the past 20+ years I have generated awareness and increased sales for businesses in a wide range of industries.

    In 2010, Kempler Creative Services was launched with a mission to help businesses of all sizes exceed their goals. We increase perceived value and sales for products and services with our powerful combination of web design, maintenance and digital marketing.


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