Wang Dang Doodle Tees is a Music Branding and Merchandising business that began as a goodwill gesture during the pandemic. When everything shut down I began volunteering to design apparel for musicians and to help sell it on my website. I also promoted the merchandise with digital ads, mock-ups, and online events.

Over 100 of the top Blues musicians in the world now sell custom merchandise on the platform. Thousands of online sales have generated substantial revenue for the musicians, right when they needed it most. New artists and musicians from different genres are continuing to join the site, even now. Visit Wang Dang Doodle Tees.

Website Design & E-Commerce

Performance Videos

Social Media Promotions

With most venues being open again, I continue to support musicians with affordable merchandising for on-site sales, as well as, digital marketing, tour posters, album covers, and more.