Online business development that is outside of the box


IBOXXZ-case01Two of the most popular online activities these days are shopping and fantasy sports. Recently a client came to us with the great idea to combine them into an all new and exciting way to shop and play online. Our job was to design and develop this complex, custom website for this awesome business venture.


Since the site was going to rely on information coming from a variety of third party sources and there would be a significant amount of dynamic content we developed a customized category system that allows the site administrators to easily manage the flow of information. A unique game play and scoring system was developed to determine winners and also customized ecommerce capabilities were installed. The client voluntarily named me on his patent, for my design and development contributions.


The goal for the user experience was to make the site seem comfortable to both the standard online shopper and the fantasy sports fan. The user interface was designed to be a friendly and intuitive shopping site, with simple instructions, impactful imagery and a fun game element that takes the shopping experience to a whole new level.


After only 4 months, we began beta testing it will be live for the public very shortly. You will never want to pay for an item online without playing for it first, ever again.


It is truly a game changer in the field of online shopping.