Rock Star Music Marketing

Stand out from the crowd with logos, digital marketing and music promotion that is tight and out-a-sight.


If you are in a established band or just starting one, you will get more and better quality gigs if you look like a professional music group.

Whether you just need your existing logo “cleaned-up” or you want a brand new image, you should have a logo that perfectly matches your band.


Your website is like a Booking Agent, Marketing team, and Advertising and PR Agents for your band, all in one place.

If your band website is not working as hard as you are to generate fans and gigs for you, then you need to hire me.

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Sales of your gig tickets and music promotions will blast off if you have eye-catching and unique graphics. People will love your band even without hearing it!

The sky is the limit when you have custom graphics and illustration at your fingertips.


Grow your fan base and get more gigs. We can use your existing raw pix and videos, and/or design new marketing campaigns to generate organic interest and engagement with people we target as potential fans of your band, based on their likes and interests.

I actually tripled the fans for a band organically, over 6 months that they didn’t even have any gigs, and now their calendar is booked solid with better paying gigs.