The professionals at Rush University Healthcare were not feeling well about their intranet website.


In these days of mobility and connectivity they had found that their means of connecting with staff and vendors was not passing the test of time.

The ability to easily share information from the intranet site and to be responsive to screen sizes and browsers was critical. Aesthetic enhancements that would make the site appear more energetic and alive were also desired. They decided to hire a team of specialist to bring their ailing website back to life…that’s when they contacted us.

Working along side their internal programming team, we designed and implemented a fresh, vibrant new site that was inviting, intuitive, and responsive to the needs of the users and the administrators.

The team at Rush were so pleased with the results that they have gone on to have us create several more logos and microsites.

Now the team at Rush University Healthcare can boast an intranet site that is as creative and vibrant as they are.