Tripoley is in the TIME Magazine list of the top 100 games of all-time

There are clubs devoted to it and families have made “Tripoley Night” a tradition for generations. However, Tripoley is a board game and those games don’t sell like they used to, especially when they have looked essentially the same for over 50 years. Cadaco was facing the loss of valuable shelf space at major retailers because the sales of their classic game were down.

We redesigned the packaging with a dynamic logo and colors and images that spoke to the gameplay as well as the generations of family fun.

Nothing else changed except for the packaging design.

Almost instantly, buyers that had lost interest in the game were excited again! Not only did the sales immediately take-off but more items in the line were ordered so they actually gained shelf space! The president of Cadaco told me that attempting to change a classic package is like “putting make-up on your mama” because nobody will be happy with the outcome.

Sales of Tripoley DOUBLED in one year, as a result of the redesign of their game.

We hit the jackpot.