A Feel Good Story


Two friends who are doctors came up with a great idea for a line of personalized supplements for women but they didn’t know the prescription for developing their logo, branding and their ecommerce website. As a multivitamin it had to present a professional and assuring look and also portray the calming nature of the brand. They also required packaging design and a customized user screening system for their website that would determine which formula pills would be delivered. Luckily for the doctors, we got their referral and we had the remedy.

We created a logo and branding that was peaceful and serene and incorporated a smooth transitional banner that created a soothing feel for first time visitors. The packaging design was targeting health conscious older women but had a hip and dynamic style that played into their desire to feel younger and more energetic.

The website is a standard online store with a blog but the unique feature is a custom questionnaire that had to be able to distinguish between user answers and supply a code to the distribution center that confirmed the correct pills to ship.

In this case, these doctors took two services from us and felt great in a short few months when their packaging was developed and printed and the website was running like a cool breeze on a sandy beach. Nice and easy.

Can your branding and website actually make you feel better? For those two doctors the answer is definitely yes.