They say that necessity is the mother of invention


C3 Products International is a company that was founded by a mom with young children in the house. She worried that her children would cut their fingers when reaching into messy drawers for scissors, that is if they could ever find their scissors which always seem to disappear. She invented a cutting tool that is kid-friendly and easily sticks to a wall

This was a great item that had a sleek look, many diverse uses and reasonable pricing. However, the owner was not having luck getting placement. She couldn’t even get reps to take her product seriously.

That’s when we cut in.

We redesigned the packaging with vibrant colors and graphic elements that reflected the sleek product design. Then we trimmed some of the text and developed more focused and clear messaging. We also offered guidance and support for dealing with manufacturers and print vendors.

How did our redesign cut it? Within months, The Wizor was getting noticed by buyers of all kinds. Now it is being licensed by Elmer’s and another manufacturer for specific uses and that entreprenuer-mom is still selling her product successfully herself as well. She even appeared recently on The Steve Harvey Shark Tank show and won $10,000 on national TV for her product!

For C3 Products International, we truly helped launch an idea into business!