To Host Or To WordPress Host

Which GoDaddy service is best for you.

That is the question. As a Web Developer I have dealt with this issue for dozens of clients and while I personally use a VSN plan on Bluehost, about 90% of my clients use GoDaddy shared accounts. I should say that overall my opinion of GoDaddy’s services and especially their telephone support is very good. Better than most. The WordPress specific hosting option with GoDaddy is relatively new having become available over just the past few years, and offers some great features. However it also has some draw backs to consider before selecting it as your plan.

The process of setting up WordPress can be done in a matter of minutes. It is literally called a “one-click” process and can be easily done either as part of your initial account set-up (with the WordPress plan) or through your CPanel using a standard account. Even when you go with the standard option you will see a pop-up window that asks if you want to automatically set-up WordPress before you begin. Therefore this should not be a factor in your decision.

In my opinion, the main benefit of selecting the WordPress hosting plan is the user-friendly way that it allows you to archive, find, and restore back-ups of your site. With the constant updating of themes and plugins, conflicts can occur that affect your website’s performance. Using the WordPress account it is easy to find and restore up to 30 days of your sites data and files which means that you can go back to when your site was working fine and restore it immediately. That is huge if your site goes down and you’re a novice with WordPress and just want to get back to business.

The draw back that I have found is that it seems the WordPress hosting accounts may be more susceptible to malware hacks. This may be simply because the users of this type of account don’t often change their passwords or may have mistakenly restored a version of the site that still had the malware. I personally have rarely (if ever) had malware issues with CPanel accounts but I have with the few WordPress accounts I have managed. As with any website, it is important to monitor and update third-party plugins and passwords regularly, to prevent malware issues.

The bottom line is that for a complete novice, the WordPress Hosting is a fine choice. For anyone with more experience using WordPress and managing a WordPress site the choice should probably be the standard CPanel so you have more control from the back-end.

Regardless of the type of account, I have found the GoDaddy telephone support to be among the best in the field.