Practice Safe Inventing

Don’t Get Fooled by Scam Inventor Services Companies

Here are some helpful tips;

1. Ask for things in writing. You are hiring this company to develop your intellectual property, and will be paying them a fee. Ask them for written descriptions of exactly what they are offering to do, exactly when they will be done and any additional fees that may be required in the future. Be sure to get referrals, as well.

2. Check with the Better Business Bureau. You can visit a page on their website that allows you to search the name of the inventor company and see if there are any complaints listed.

3. Did they send you a “free kit” with pre-signed confidentiality agreements? Never sign anything from one of these companies without first having a lawyer review it.

4. Do they offer “Market Evaluations”? Ask for the criteria and system of reviewing the markets. How long have they been performing market evaluations?

5. Do they check for Pre-Existing Patents? A reputable company will verify if there are any patent infringements prior to moving forward.

6. Do they claim to have special relationships with buyers and manufacturers? Ask for proof before sending anything to one of these companies that is not already legally protected.

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