How To Make Your Branding Stand Out

How can you make your branding stand out from the competition? The answer is very simple. So simple that it can be summarized with one word.


Think about it for a moment. If you want to stand out amongst your competition, why would you choose to look just like them? This goes for both the look and the language of your brand. To distinguish yourself from the rest, you need to literally be different.

But how can you be different without seeming “out-of-place” or some how less credible? There are several ways that a Graphic Designer can approach this issue but mainly they revolve around complimentary looks, contrasting language, or both.

Have you ever made a conscious effort to look at your competition? Have you searched for and seen their logos and websites? Have you examined their products on the shelves? You may find that most of your competitors use similar colors and imagery. They may also use similar language to describe themselves.  The first step in creating contrast for your business is to recognize trends that already exist in your field.

color_wheel_smallLet’s say for example that you find many examples of competitors using shades of blue in their branding. How can you contrast that successfully without looking out-of-place? Just like you would in selecting your wardrobe… by choosing a complimentary color. These are colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel and naturally go well together. In this case a shade of orange might work. If you choose a complimentary color for your branding, it will literally be the opposite of your competitors and yet still fit in perfectly.

When it comes to the color of the text on your website design and packaging design, contrast also plays an important part. The more contrast between the background color and the text color of your piece will literally improve the clarity of your message.

When it comes to contrasting language, it is recommended that you find things that differentiate yourself from the competition and clearly articulate them in ways that the consumers understand. Often people will relate more to your branding if you quickly explain how your business or product will make their lives better, rather than simply stating it’s features.

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