Unbelievable business statistic

If you are struggling to find new customers, you should consider these facts. Nearly 90% of consumers search online before making a purchase and ecommerce in general grows by 23% every year.


There are many benefits to having a website for your business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective marketing tool because it targets only users who are actively looking for your products and service.

Websites that are well designed, with clear calls-to-action, build credibility for your business and convert visitors into customers or clients.

• Use your business website to easily share price changes or inventory updates with your customers and/or sales staff.

These statistics prove that it is essential for every business to have a website. I find it hard to believe that these days only 46% of US businesses have one.


All businesses, even manufacturers and service based businesses, can benefit from having simple, inexpensive websites where they can post customer reviews or resources for offsite sales teams. If you are in one of the businesses that doesn’t have a website, you should seriously consider one.

You are missing out on sales opportunities!

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