11 SEO Tips To Include In Your Website

SEO can be a complicated process but there are some basic things you can do to improve your Search Engine Optimization. This is a list of 11 easy SEO tips and how you can incorporate them into your web pages starting today.


1. Keyword in the Page Title

Search engines use title tags to determine the main subject of a page. Including a keyword in your title (title tag) will help the search engines determine what your page is about and how to rank it properly.

2. Keyword in the Meta Description

Just like the title, using a keyword in your meta description will help tell search engines what your page is about. It also tends to improve click through rates.

3. Keyword in a Headline Font Style (H1 tag)

Just like the title, using a ”headline font” on your keyword, in your description, will help tell search engines what your page is about.

4. Using Keywords in the Page Copy

There is no longer a need to squeeze the keyword into the page as many times as possible. Selectively inserting it (2-3 times) is preferred.

5. Update your Web Pages

Freshly updated, useful content is highly regarded by the most recent Google algorythms. Daily updates of little or no value will not really help your ranking, but periodic, value-driven website updates throughout the year are recommended.

6. Length of Content

There is some disagreement on this, and there is no need to add “fluff” to get to a certain word count, but good quality content will usually require about 1,000-2,500 words.

7. Don’t Duplicate Content

The search value of a web page has a lot to do with the value of the content it displays. So having the same content across various pages of your site can hurt your rankings. Some repetition of key messages is acceptable nut avoid duplicating content across multiple pages.

8. Image Optimization

This is one of the more often overlooked SEO tips. Make sure to include image title, caption, and description when you upload new imagery to your web page.

9. Outbound Links

Linking to authoritative pages sends trust signals to the search engine, however, too may outbound links can be a negative because it diminishes the authority of your site.

10. Internal Links

Linking the relevent pages on your site together can improve the rank for each of them.

11. Keyword in URL

Much like using the “title tag”, including the keyword in the actual web page URL can also help in search rankings and in terms of click through rates.


There are a lot of great SEO tips that even a novice can do and that make a big difference in your search engine results. I hope you find these helpful.


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